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A courteous approach to the art of debt collection.

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Your Route To Efficient Debt Collection Whatever Your Business

Proserve was established in 1994 and currently employs full-time bailiffs strategically placed throughout England and Wales.

Commercial Rent Collection Services

FREE collection service used for seizure of goods under CRAR which normally results in leaseholder making payment Step 1 Instruct Proserve as certificated enforcement agents STEP 2 Proserve issue Statutory Compliance Letter which gives 7 clear days to pay or enter into an arrangement to pay £75 compliance fee added to debt Step 3 Leaseholder [...]

Debt Collection & High Court Enforcement

Proserve deal with all kinds of debt, from trade debt to parking fines to rent arrears. Unlike most of our competitors we do not charge any up-front fees for registration with our company. We simply charge 20% of monies recovered as a result of our action. We employ 12 fulltime Enforcement Agents who are strategically [...]

A Business Sage At Every Stage

A solution for every business

At Proserve, we understand that all businesses have different disciplines – that’s why we tailor all our services to the pertinent needs of your business; no one size fits all solutions here.


Working with all sizes ofbusiness for over 20 years

Since its inception in 1994, Proserve has been helping small and medium businesses collect outstanding debt by effective strategic planning.

All of our team members come from diverse cultural and business backgrounds and have worked among many businesses in their time.

Mark Snape – CEO
Your Partner For Results

We’ve helped over 350 businesses UK-wide to better manage their outstanding debtors