About Us

Proserve was established in 1994. Since then it has grown on the back of a solid repuation for getting the job done with minimum fuss and now boasts the highest recovery rate of Penalty Charge Notices inEngland and Wales. Our bailiffs receive regular training to ensure both our, and your, exactinq standards are met. It also enables our bailiffs to keep up-to-date with changes in legislation. Indeed, long before the government decided to regulate certificated bailiffs more closely we were already doing so. To this end we have employed our own legal executive to inform, advise and educate on matters such as our responsibilities under the Mental Health Act, policies on dealing with vulnerable members of the public. We make a point of teaching our bailiffs to be aware of and not blinkered towards an individual’s circumstances. They all receive training in debt counselling and are able to offer assistance to people who perhaps feel overwhelmed by debt. Given the nature of our work we do not expect to be the most popular of visitors to an individual’s door. Nonetheless we receive virtually no complaints. For the rare occasions that we do we have an established complaints procedure. In virtually all areas we have a good working relationship with debt advisory bodies and were even asked to give an oration at the annual conference of the Rhyl branch of the C.A.B. We are, after all, representatives of Local Authorities and must never behave in a manner likely to damage their good name.

Why Choose Proserve?

Our web-based software has been designed to fully integrate with that of local authorities. For example those using Chipside can securely view data both ways and export warrants securely. Clients are able to view the progress of cases by simply logging on with their secure password.

Company Profile

*Arguably the highest recovery rate in Great Britain *State of the art search methods to locate absconded debtors *Fully bi-lingual service – Welsh Language Board kitemark *No charges made to local authorities *Web-based software allowing client access to case history *Currently acting for 5 local authorities in the recovery of PCNs