Data Protection Act Registration Number : Z2548752

It is a legal requirement for Proserve Debt Recovery & Bailiff Services Limited  to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Details of our registration can be seen on the Information Commissioner’s Public Register Search facility at the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We endeavour to make sure that all the personal data that we manage is handled with great care and with security in mind so as to not only comply with the legislation but also have respect for the dignity of people of whom we hold records of what can sensitive data.

If you wish to learn more about data protection please visit

In line with GDPR 2018, we can confirm

  • 1.) our system for holding personal data is both HTTPS Secured and password protected
  • 2.) We do not send email marketing messages to people who have not specifically opted in for this type of email.
  • 3.) People will (in most cases) have the right to request for us to delete their personal information, once all outstanding debts have been satisfied
  • 4.)Data stored will only be used to assist in the enforcement of court orders and/or verified debt recovery, unless request otherwise data will be deleted after a period of 6 years, data stored will not be shared with other agencies without the subjects consent. Typical data stored would be contact numbers, email addresses and employment details.
  • 5.) It is within our policy to report all data breaches to the affected parties within 72 hours. Please see our private policy here for more information